What has 1 hoop, 1 ball and 12 legs? ASSC 3 x 3 Basketball!!

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This ain’t no middle school basketball league……it’s ASSC Basketball and we’re fired up for the Winter 2017 season!

Thursday nights at Pan Am are back on again and here’s how it all went down to get the new year started!

Squirly Turtles took on True Grit to see who’s 3 were better than the other team’s 3. The game was close early with both teams getting warmed up. True Grit pulled away in the second half and took the win at 20-10.

Over on court 2, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen in their pink jerseys posted up against Dunkaroos. Pen Pineapple couldn’t seem to find their rhythm or the bottom of the basket and fell hard 8-20 against Dunkaroos.

Dunkaroos kept their momentum going against Squirly Turtles and held them to only 6 points while scoring 20 of their own to take the Dub-yah!

Kobe Wan Kenobi went up against LeBrontourage back on court 2’s second game of the night. Close game throughout with both teams matching shot for shot right up until the end. With time running out, LeBrontourage hit a couple of critical female shots to take the victory 18-14. Great game!

Next up Technically Fouled Out took on The Coyotes in another close game. Technically Fouled Out took an early lead and looked like they could notch one in the Win column. The Coyotes went on a crazy run to tie the game then couldn’t be stopped while dropping bombs from everywhere. They took the surprising win 20-12 for an awesome comeback!

Technically Fouled Out had another shot at redemption from their earlier loss by taking on LeBrontourage. Although close throughout, LeBrontourage edged out Technically Fouled Out in the closing minutes to take the win 20-15. Nice showing for both teams!

True Grit was at it again in their second game of the night….this time taking on Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. True Grit was not going to be denied and put up some good defensive rebounds to take the lopsided victory 20-7. Lots of tired legs beginning to show in this one!

Kobe Wan Kenobi went up against The Coyotes on one of the later games on court 1. Both teams were working on their second game of the night and fatigue was beginning to show. That being said, neither team relented and the game stayed close throughout. The Coyotes prevailed in the end, however, and took the 20-15 win! Where’s the Gatorade!

In their first game of the night, Blue Team took on Cap City Ballers to see who could find their rhythm first. Both teams went shot for shot and got some key rebounds when it counted. In the end, Blue Team pulled away in the last 60 seconds of the game to come out on top 20-16.

Blue Team went right back to work taking on Fk Your Coach to try and keep the momentum going. It wasn’t long before their energy level dropped but the baskets didn’t and Fk Your Coach cruised to an 18-10 victory. Did somebody order some oxygen?!

Next up Dirk N A Box tried to dethrone Fk Your Coach over on court 2. Fk Your Coach was riding high after their earlier victory and continued their strong play with some killer 3s from well beyond the arc. Dirk N A Box couldn’t keep up and dropped their first game 10-20.

Dirk N A Box had their chance at redemption against Cap City Ballers in the night’s last game. It was like Groundhog Day for Dirk with Cap City Ballers pulling away for the 20-10 victory. Nice try Dirk!

After the game, Happy Hour was in order at Craftsman where the suds were flowing and the night’s highlights were in abundance. Draft and pitcher specials were also plentiful at our favorite post game watering hole. Join us next week when we get to do it all over again! Welcome 2017!!


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