3 Players, 1 Basketball, 1 Hoop…..tons of fun!



It’s Thursday night…..do you know where your 3 on 3 basketball team is?….. Pan Am! Let’s see how it all went down on the hardcourt!

Hoops4Harambe kicked it off against Under Armour on Court 1 to get things going. What a close game throughout with both teams matching shot for shot. Game is tied with the last seconds ticking off the clock. It came down to the last possession and Under Armour took advantage of it by scoring the game winning shot and taking the victory 20-18! Awesome game!!

Hoops4Harambe got another shot at a victory up against The Ball Beaters in their next game. Hoops looked winded from their first game and couldn’t seem to pull it together in time. Ball Beaters took the win 20-10.

The Ball Beaters had little time to rest between games and it looked like it when they quickly played Practice!? Another close game with both teams hitting important baskets when they needed to. The Ball Beaters couldn’t quite keep up in the end and took the 17-20 loss to Practice!?

In their next game, Practice!? also had to catch their breath quickly and get back out on the court. Under Armour had something to prove and took yet another close game 20-18! Wow…..you can’t get much closer than that!!

Cap City Ballers took on the Austin Wombats in the next matchup and, once again, another tight game decided by a couple of late shots! Cap City Ballers took control late and wound up with the Dub-Ya 20-14.

Dish Me the Rock turned around and took it to The Austin Wombats 20-15. Riding their momentum, they went right up against Cartoon Physics in yet another close one! Boy, everyone came to play on this night! Again, both teams were tied going into the last few seconds of the game. Cartoon Physics had a shot but couldn’t get it to fall…..Dish Me grabbed the rebound….took it out….dished it to a chick who dropped in the winning bucket! Dish Me the Rock wins 20-18! Awesome!!

Cartoon Physics took out their frustration on their next opponent, A Team Has No Name. They led the entire game and took their revenge 20-9! Nice rebound!

A Team Has No Name got another shot at a win before the night was over, however. These 2 physical teams never let up on defense or offense. Not to sound like a broken record, but….it came down to the last possession and the last shot. No Name was down by two with a final shot to either tie or maybe even take the win. The tall chick in the purple jersey posted up and dropped the 3 to take the win 20-19! You couldn’t script the games any better than this! What a great night at Pan Am!!

After a night like this, no one wanted it to end so Crafsman was the place to be to compare “what-ifs” for all the close ones that got away and revel in the narrow victories. It must have been the Super Moon! The best part is we get to do it all over again next week!



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