3 x 3 Basketball at SARC…..countdown to the playoffs!!

Ewww-weee…..it’s getting hot in here…..and we don’t mean the temperature! We mean the basketball!! With the playoffs right around the corner, here’s the latest on how the teams are stacking up:

Red-headed Steph Child played B Team All Stars in a battle in the paint. B Team All Stars came out with an early lead with back to back 3s, leading 11-5. Red Headed Steph Child continued to drive to the basket for layup and a short jumper to make it 14-11. B Team All Stars got lucky with some air balls where there teammate was in the right place to get the rebound for a quick put back. B team all Stars took it to the bank 20-14.

In other action, Dream Team played Kevin Love Lockdown. Both teams started off trading baskets to keep the score tied at 9-9. Then Kevin Love got a lead with a few 3s. Dream Team kept driving in the paint and hitting their post for baskets. It was tied up 19-19 and it seemed like no team could hit the final basket for 5 minutes. Finally Dream Team got a man open for a 3 and sank it for the 20-19 win! Awesome!!

Dream Team went right back at it taking on James Gives Me A Harden. Another close game going right down to the last couple of minutes. Dream Team came up a little short on this one 14-20. James Gives Me A Harden tried to repeat the magic in their second game of the night. Going up against Red Headed Steph Child, they went shot for shot up until the closing minutes. Fatigue and some missed 3s were their undoing as they took the 17-20 loss. Tough break!

Kevin Love Lockdown had their hands full Tuesday night hoping for a little magic….or some baskets to drop…whichever came first! Well, not much of either happened as they dropped both their games….first to Dream Team then I can Be Your Rebound 20-15.

I Can Be Your Rebound made it look easy against Space Jam 2 taking the Dub-Yah 20-7 but Space Jam fought back in their second game of the night to beat B-Team All Stars 20-10. Nice rally!!

Gourdough’s was another hopping place after the last b-balls were put away. Bud Lights were flowing and so were the night’s highlights so let’s all do it again next week!

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