3 x 3 Championship Night at SARC!! No Better Place To Be!!

It’s that time of the season again…..time to see who came to claim the ultimate Championship Banner in 3 x 3 basketball. Let’s get right to it!

In some matchups before the coveted championship game, Dream Team stole a win away from James Gives Me A Harden. Game was tied with just a couple of minutes to play. Dream Team drove to the basket…..foul…..shooting for the victory. Basket made for another last second victory!! Yesssss!! They didn’t waste time lacing them up for another close game, this time against the powerful Kevin Love Lockdown. Again another close one with Dream Team showing their prowess and taking another victory 20-18. Great night Dream Team!

Kevin Love Lockdown tried to turn things around against James Gives Me A Harden but it wasn’t to be. Although another close game, Kevin Love Lockdown found themselves 4 points short when the final whistle blew. 16-20.

In the first semi final game of the night, Space Jam 2 took on B-Team All Stars. On paper these 2 teams matched up well and they did not disappoint on the hardwood. When it was all said and done, B-Team All Stars barely edged Space Jame 2 20-16 to advance to the Big Show.

In the other half of the bracket, I Can Be Your Rebound hit the boards hard and had help with a height advantage down low. They used an in and out strategy, throwing the ball to the post and kick it back out to 3 point line and then hit the shot, again and again. They took the win over Red Headed Steph Child  20-11.

The dark horse of the season, B-Team All Stars came to play vs I Can Be Your Rebound. B-Team All Stars also has a big man so it was a battle in the paint. B-Team All Stars girl was on fire too, firing open shots right and left. But I Can Be Your Rebound stepped up their game and their 3 point shooter got hot and took over the game and the Championship 20-17. Well done!!

The party continued at Gourdough’s after the big tourney to reminisce about the night’s excitement, sportsmanship and camaraderie. We can’t wait for the next season to start…how about you!!

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