ASSC 3s Basketball……It’s Hot Outside….but Hotter Inside….what tha…..?

The basketball courts were smokin’ hot for Tuesday ASSC 3s Basketball at SARC! You could fry an egg on the hardwoods with some awesome play from Austin’s favorite 3s basketball teams. Let’s see how it all went down:

Game of the night goes to Wish I was a little bit Taller taking on Dream Team. Wish I was a little bit Taller was obviously the better of the 2 teams but anything can happen on any given Tuesday! Each team seemed to match the other shot for shot the entire game. Dream Team was down by one with seconds ticking off the clock. A veteran chick launched up a shot and a prayer to possibly steal the win…. wait for it…..she sank it with time running out!! Dream Team 20 and Wish I was a little bit Taller 19! Wowee…what a game!!


Net-Swishaz had an interesting night with some awesome highlights and some not so awesome low-lights. Just off their amazing earlier win, Dream Team couldn’t quite keep up and fell 16-18 to Net-Swishaz. Great game! In their second game, they took on Wish I was a little bit Taller. They only managed 10 points to Taller’s 20. Ouch!

OFFENSIVE FOWL couldn’t seem to find their rhythm in either of their games. Although close early in the game, Not One, Not Two, Not Three ran away with the 20-13 win. Next up, Be Humble who held them to only 6 points made quick work of OFFENSIVE FOWL. Tough night for the birds!

Next up, BoozeHounds also had a rough night, notching up 2 loses for the evening. First, Be Humble took them to the cleaners 20-8. Not One, Not Two, Not Three….also held them to only 10 points while posting up 20 of their own. Double ouch!!


On the other side of the coin, Shiner Blocks was on a roll with 2 dominating wins. They held both their opponents to 8 points each!! Now that’s some stellar defense!! While When I Dip You Dip We Dunk were one of those teams, they came back strong in their second game against The Wampus Cats. They were able to take the win at 20-15! Nice comeback!

Drunk Dribblers looked pretty sober in both their games pulling out wins of 20-17 in each contest. They took the first win off WTF Ref then posted their second win of the night against Summertime Squad. Awesome night!

Finally, Air Ballers certainly lived up to their name with a couple of lopsided losses to show for it. They only managed to score 5 points against Summertime Squad then posted the same number of points against WTF Ref. They didn’t let their losses dampen their spirit, however and definitely showed up for the fun! Great sportsmanship!

Who says you have to be on the floor to have fun…..there were tons of spectators who show up to cheer on their team and enjoy the “spirit of the stands.”

That spirit followed everyone over to Toss Pizzeria for the post game revelry….good food…..great beverages and continued sportsmanship! That’s how we roll at ASSC! See you all again next week!



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