ASSC 3×3 BBall……..It’s Raining Alright…..Inside and Out!!

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Yes, it was raining outside and…..yes, it was raining inside! 3’s were splashing down Tuesday night at SARC for ASSC 3×3 basketball. It’s mid season and teams are ratcheting up their play looking for better seeding for this season’s championships. Here’s a look at some of Tuesday night’s highlights…..and a couple of lowlights!

Although Offensive Fowl has improved from week to week, they feel just a little short in their effort to score a Dub-yah. They went shot for shot against Cash Me Outside early in the game but missed a couple of key shots late and ended up on the short side of a 16-20 loss. In their second game of the night, they went up against to sharp shooters of Super Sloths in another close game. Offensive Fowl trailed early but managed a nice run to finally get close toward the end of the game. Eventually, Super Sloths chicks hits some key shots to take them to a 20-15 victory.

WTF Are You Ewing had an interesting night with buckets hard to find in both their games. They only managed 9 point against I Get Buckets but tried to make a game of it against Darkness. Although their offense picked up nicely, Darkness found some holes in their defense and took the 20-13 win. Nice effort WTF Are You Ewing!

Half Court Hero also had a crazy night at SARC first taking on Super Sloths. This game was over in no time with Half Court Hero only managing 10 points against Super Sloths’ 20. Yikes! They managed to regroup for their next game of the night against the all powerful Cash Me Outside. This turned out to be the game of the night with Half Court Hero coming out of the gate on fire quickly taking a 15-2 lead! YES!! Cash Me Outside fought back hard and was looking to tie the game late with a 2 pointer. Clank…..shot fell short and Half Court Hero pulls off the 20-18 upset! What a game!

Although the games were over for the night, (and the rain) the camaraderie continued at Toss Pizzeria with lots of mugs tilted back and challenges made for next week’s games. Come join us as we get to do it all over again!



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