Austin is alive with Bluebonnets and BBall at SARC!!


Dream Team were the underdogs tonight. Their first game they played with only 3 while TG Ballerz had 8 sitting on the sideline ready to play. They took the 17-14 win. But for their second game against WTF Are You Ewing?, another teammate showed up to give them an added offensive threat. Dream Team took an early lead but WTF Are You Ewing? crashed the boards and were quickly leading again. Dream Team came back to make it close with two huge blocks out at the three point line. But they ran out of time to take back the lead. Game ends in a 17-17 tie!! We hate ties….but what a game!!

Speaking of ties, TG Ballerz faced Dream Team in an epic battle! Back and forth with lots of amazing shots, blocks and crashing boards! Game was tied 17-17 with TG Ballerz in possession. Nice set up, nice screen….he takes the shot…..clink! No basket!! Dangit!! Another tie! TG Ballerz had to pick themselves up to face another strong team in Fashionably Late. TG Ballerz looked like they had the wind knocked out… contest for Fashionably Late who took the easy 20-9 win.

WTF Are You Ewing? looked to bounce back against Fashionably Late and had their hands full from the beginning. Both teams matched up well and had solid benches for subs. This game was neck and neck until the last couple of minutes. In the end, Fashionably Late took the 20-14 win. Nice game!

Squirly Turtles had an up and down night but definitely put some points on the board. They first took on the fierce Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR and matched them shot for shot. Guys and girls were dropping 3s from everywhere and it was anyone’s game. Last seconds ticking down and Squirly Turtles dropped 2 to take the 20-18 win. Yes!! After that, it could have been tired legs or just too winded but, I Am Your Rebound took it to the Turtles 20-13. Ouch!!

Austin Powers had a tough night trying to find a way into the Win column. I Am Your Rebound started out tough and stayed tough with great offensive schemes that made their scoring look easy. They took the win 20-12.  Next up, Austin Powers took on the powerful Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR and managed to fare a little bit better. Austin Powers took the early lead but hit the wall midway through. Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR put the pedal down and cruised to the 20-14 win.

When it was all said and done, everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria for great pizza…..great camaraderie…..great socializing. This is what it’s all about….see you next week!!


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