Basketball 4s Playoff Night at SARC! Time to Raise the Banner ….. or just hold it up in front!


It’s here…’s finally here! No…..not Election Day…..4s basketball playoffs at SARC! What a great night for competitive basketball, camaraderie and sportsmanship! Everyone left it all out on the court…..blood….sweat…..tears……well maybe not blood or tears….but lots of sweat! Let’s take a look at the semi’s first:

The powerhouse known as Toon Squad took on Designated Drinkers in the early game. Heavy underdogs, Designated Drinkers stuck to their game plan instituting the Triangle Offense when they could. Just like most NBA teams, however, it didn’t seem to hold up after the first 2 minutes of play. Toon Squad had their own strategy……run fast and let the girls shoot as often as possible! It worked well for the entire game and took them to victory holding the Drinkers to only 8 total points. Nice game Toons!

On the other side of the bracket, Da Cricketz went up against Boozers & Ballers to see who would go to the big show….bugs or boozers! Both teams started out slow, trying to see who would make the first big move. They matched each other, basket for basket in the early minutes until Boozers & Ballers picked up the pace and landed some big 3s when they counted. Da Cricketz scored 16 but that’s all they wrote. Boozers and Ballers takes the win and writes their ticket to the big show!

In the finals, both teams came out with aggressive and competitive play with Toon Squad hustling on both offense and defense with no let up in sight. With some awesome inside moves they stretched their lead, but not after Boozers had thrown down their share of 3’s to keep it interesting. Toon Squad put their foot on the gas and took the Dub-Ya and the title 31-15!

Doc’s on Congress was the place to be after the big game to swap highlights…..and lowlights of the tournament. The players and their hoard of fans headed out to tip a few back and challenge each other for the next season. Come join us next week where we do it all again!

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