The bluebonnets are blooming along with some great plays on the BBall courts at SARC on Tuesday nights!

Game of the night was between I Am Your Rebound and Fashionably Late. Here’s how it all went down:

This game should have been a easy when win for I Am Your Rebound but Fashionably Late showed if you never give up, you just might find what you are looking for! The last 12 points between the 2 teams came from great 3 point shooting from their chicks. A combined 4  3 pointers were made with one of the Fashionably Late’s females hitting the game winner….even with the defender all up in her face!  Final score – 20-18 for Fashionably Late! Yesssss!

Fashionably Late tried to keep that momentum going against Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR in their next game. This game went back and forth with tons of lead changes. In another buzzer beater, Kevin Durant made the winning basket as time ran out. Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR 20 – Fashionably Late 18.

I Am Your Rebound was also looking for redemption taking on Dream Team in their second game of the night. This was pretty much a blowout with Dream Team only managing 12 points to I Am Your Rebound’s 20. Tough game for the Dream Team blues.
Dream Team certainly turned things around with this nail biter against the powerful Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. These 2 teams probably battle more from top to bottom than any other team and no one wanted to lose this one! Dream Team fell behind early looking to get their offense in sync with each other. Half way through, they found their groove and couldn’t miss! They caught up with Kevin Durant to tie things up. With a last second drive right down the middle of the lane…..he shoots…..he scores! Dream Team takes the 20-19 win! Awesome!!

WTF Are You Ewing had a tough go of it Tuesday night, losing both their games in some lopsided play. Austin Powers turned them back 20-11 then Squirly Turtles finished them off 16-11 in a low scoring game. There’s always next week WTF Are You Ewing!

After the game, players headed to Toss Pizzeria for some cold brews and hot pizza! Come join us again next week when we do it all over!

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