Blood, Sweat and Tears! Hey….Who Said We’re Cryin’!

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Everybody loves Thursday night basketball at SARC, and here’s just a few reasons why!

Let’s start off with how Rim Jobs fared last week on the hardwoods. They went up against 2 tough teams looking to take the top spot in the upcoming championship tournament. First up, RIP Charlie Murphy has been a contender all season long and took the win going away at 20-14. Next up for Rim Jobs was Bad news Ballers who also have a winning record for the season. They showed why they are one of the favorites by taking it to Rim Jobs 20-11. Ouch!


Hoopsters had an interesting night on the courts Thursday….being on both ends of 2 blowout games. First, the good news: They took it to CU Next Thursday 20-12. They made baskets from all over the floor and had some nice shooting from the chicks as well. In their next game, they went up against RIP Charlie Murphy. It was more like….RIP Hoopsters since they were only able to post 6 points on the board! 6 points ……. yikes!

Hoops There It Is struggled against CU Next Thursday with some sloppy defense and a non existent 3 point game. They took the lopsided defeat 11-20. But, then something happened…..the sleeping giant was awakened to play the game of the night against Facebook Ballers. Hoops went into this game as a huge underdog and had to rely on pure hustle and heart to even stay in the game. Facebook Ballers looked better on paper but Hoops showed the desire and grit to take the upset win at 20-18! That’s what we’re talkin’ about!!

With all the wind out of their sales, Facebook Ballers’ struggled mightily in their next game. Bad News Ballers had their way with them and put a 20-4 whuppin’ on them. Tough night for the Ballers!

There is no better place to lick your wounds or recap your wins than Toss Pizzeria after the game. As usual, lots of teams showed up to offer toasts and condolences alike! The season is really heating up so come join us again next week for more round ball fun!

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