Can’t Make It To Madison Square Garden? Just Pop Over To SARC Instead!

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Who says you have to look to the NBA finals to watch some awesome basketball on the hardwoods!! Check out SARC on Thursday nights and you catch ASSC 3 x 3 basketball league play!

Ever see the movie “Groundhog Day” where the same thing happens over and over again? Well, just ask Rim Jobs about how their Thursday night went and they can explain it all! They first scored 13 points against RIP Charlie Murphy, who scored 20. They then turned right around and scored 13 points (again) when taking on Bad News Ballers who scored……wait for it……20 points! Rim Jobs needs to wake up from this nightmare!

Hoopsters had a nice night with a pair of wins to notch on their belt. They first took on CU Next Thursday which turned out to be a close game with lots of great defense and hard fought baskets. Final score 20-13. Next up, they took on RIP Charlie Murphy for another nice defensive battle. Hoopsters got into a scoring groove and rode that to their 20-11 victory to wrap up a solid night. Awesome!

Facebook Ballers also logged in a nice night with a pare of wins to show for it. They first made quick work of Hoops There It Is holding them to only 11 points while they drove home the victory scoring 20 of their own. Bad News Ballers was their next victim of the night. This game was close throughout with neither team giving an inch in the paint. Baskets were not easy to come by but in the end, Facebook Ballers inched past Bad News Ballers 19-16. Nice!!

After the last shot was made and hands were shaken, players headed over to Toss Pizzeria.  Lots of kicking back and throwing back some cold adult beverages to cap out another awesome night of ASSC basketball. Let’s do it all again next week, shall we?!

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