Caught Any Fish With Those Nets! Not Exactly…….. :-/

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The ASSC 3×3 basketball season is winding down but someone forgot to tell the players that!! Thursday nights at SARC, where the action was with traps, screens, blocks and steals. Let’s take a look at who had what and how it all washed out in the end:


Bad News Ballers had a tough night and would like to take a mulligan and try it all again…maybe on a different night! They first took on the always powerful Hoopsters who can both shoot and defend with the best of them. Bad News Ballers could only post up 12 points to Hoopsters’ 20. Ouch! They fared a little bit better against RIP Charlie Murphy in the second game of the night. They were able to keep pace for most of the game but a chick’s basket beyond the arc late in the game sealed the deal for RIP Charlie Murphy. Final score: 17-20. Tough loss Ballers! Next up for RIP Charlie Murphy was Hoops There It Is. There were lots of 3s, steals, blocks, rebounds and jumpers……all from RIP Charlie Murphy! Hoops There It Is was only able to drop in 8 points before the final whistle blew. RIP Charlie Murphy hardly broke a sweat in this one!

The good news for Hoops There Is Is……they were able to record a Dub-Yah in their next game. Unfortunately, it was from a forfeit but hey…..a win is a win!!

Facebook Ballers had an impressive night starting out with an awesome, hard fought victory then followed that up with a drumming of their opponent. In their first game of the night, they took on CU Next Thursday and posted a hard fought 20-17 win. This game could have gone either way with both teams tough down under and hitting timely 3s when they needed them. Excellent game! Facebook Ballers was just getting started and beat the heck out of Hoopsters 20-8 to notch 2 impressive Dub-Yahs for the night! Nice!!

No matter who won or lost, the teams headed over to Toss Pizzeria for another night of socializing and tipping back a few happy hour specials. We will be back next week…..will you?!


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