Ever seen a “Cager” Death Match? Check Out Pan Am On Thursday Nights!!

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Excellent game between Fk Your Coach and Blue Team at Pan Am on Thursday night. Fk Your Coach struggled early on in this game with 2 of their main players missing in action. They took the court with 2 females and 1 guy. As the game was getting closer to the end one of the ladies from their team caught fire and started draining 3’s to get the game to 19 to 19. They play a good tough game but came up just short thanks to a miracle shot by one of the guys from The Blue Team 19-20!

In their next game, Fk Your Coach went up against True Grit to try and turn things around. Wasn’t to be on this night, however! True Grit hit a few late shots to seal the deal at 20-14.

Cap City Ballers took on The Coyotes in another close game. Both teams matched each other shot for shot for most of the game. Once again, it came down to who could make the last shot of the game…..Cap City Ballers made it count and took the win at 20-17. Nice game!!

The Coyotes tried to redeem themselves in their next match up but couldn’t seem to break through when it counted against Squirly Turtles. They had their chances early but couldn’t seem to hang on as Squirly Turtles took the win at 20-14. They had their hands full in their second game, however, and faced the favored Kobe Wan Kenobi team. Like Groundhog Day……another close game on Court 2. After the last buzzer, it was Squirly Turtles 20 and Kobe Wan Kenobi 19! Wow!!

Kobe Wan Kenobi didn’t stay down long in their game against Cap City Ballers. They took the lead early and never looked back. They took the Dub-Yah at 20-14!

In both their games of the night, Dirk N A Box could only must up 12 points each. They first fell to the Dunkaroos 12-20 then Pen Pineapple Apple Pen pinned 19 to their 12 points. It was a long night for Dirk!!

LeBrontourage tried to slow down Pen Pineapple Apple Pen and managed to get out front and keep their lead until the end. LeBrontourage 20…Pen Pineapple 16. Yikes!!

After the games, everyone headed on over to Craftsman to compare stories….and bruises! Whether it was a pint or a pitcher….lots of brews went down and challenges went up…for next week. Come join us!

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