The Final Buzzer Has Sounded, and the Champions Are………

………before we get to the Tuesday night SARC Basketball Semifinals and Championship Game, let’s take a look at some of the other action first:

Squirly Turtles were able to squeak by Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR 20-16. Austin Powers took an easy 20-12 victory from WTF Are You Ewing. Dream Team came alive to make a game of it with TG Ballerz but couldn’t close it out and fell 17-20 in the end. Austin Powers was on fire Tuesday night taking their second win of the night against TG Ballerz 20-19. Nice! WTF Are You Ewing was looking for revenge and closed out their season with a 20-15 win over Dream Team.

With some teams already finished for the night, a highly energetic 5 x 5 game broke out with lots of good natured smack downs, taunts and challenges to go with it. What a blast that was!!

In the Semi-Final action, Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR took on the defending champs, I Am Your Rebound. These 2 teams have fought hard all season long with neither team giving away much in the paint. In the battle of the big men, I Am Your Rebound proved too much and punched their ticket to the finals with a 20-16 win. Great, physical game!!

On the other side, vying for the last championship spot, Squirly Turtles went up against the mercurial Fashionably Late team. With a deep, deep bench, Squirly Turtles had the fresher legs but maybe substituted one too many times. They came up on the short end when the final whistle blew, taking the 16-20 loss. Tough one for the Irish Green team!


In the championship, Fashionably Late went hard on defense. They ran traps on the ball, but I Am Your Rebound read them well and fed some nice passes out to their female with the hot hand.  She promptly hit 4 three’s to help take the team to a quick win without hardly breaking a sweat. Final score: 20-7…….I Am Your Rebound are your champs once again! Well done!

What better way to celebrate the seasons champs than Toss Pizzeria. As always, lots of hot food and cold beer to reminisce about the season as a whole and throw down challenges for the next. What a great season……we can’t wait to do it all again!


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