Give me an S…give me an A….give me an R….give me a C…..what’s that spell? 4s Basketball!!



ASSC 4s basketball is where it’s at and SARC on Tuesday’s is …… er….where it’s at ….. too! Come see what all the hoopla is all about! Hang on to your seat while we run it down for you:

Red Headed Steph Child took on Cow Heads with these 2 teams will aware of the other’s strengths and weaknesses. 4s basketball is always full of energy and these 2 teams LOVE TO RUN! They also like to shoot but Red Headed Steph Child likes to shoot just a little more.  Two of their girls who rarely scored both made baskets….much to their own surprise! Red Headed Steph Child players were all over the boards and were able to get lots of put backs. They took the lead early and didn’t look back notching up another win at 30-19.

Cow Heads got another chance to notch a victory when they went up against Monstars in the irish green jerseys. The Cow Heads didn’t seem to fare much better than before, falling 14-30 to the Monstars. Their legs looked more like Thanksgiving day mashed potatoes and that let those defensive rebounds fall through the cracks.  Too bad Cow Heads….let’s try it again next week!

In their second game of the night, Monstars didn’t get much time to rest before taking on Winning Temperament to keep the win streak alive. The girls on both teams were big scoring factors. Winning Temperment had their girl scoring inside and Monstars’ girls were hitting outside shots. Monstars had more hustle which gave them the edge in taking the win 26-24. Tight game!!

Winning Temperament got another chance at a win in their matchup against The Basket Hounds to close out the evening. They must have learned their lesson earlier because they posted up some strong defense and knew how to take the right shots when they needed them. Basket Hounds put up a good fight even taking the lead for a short stretch. Willing Temperament didn’t stay down long bringing it all back up for the 30-21 win. What a great night at SARC!!

As always, Gourdough’s was the place to chill after the last whistle blew. With all the teams sitting at the same table, it sort of looked like Thanksgiving all over again!! The best part is…..we get to do it again next week….come join us!



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