Hot Outside….Cool Inside….. Hot Play….Cool Vibe!

It’s Thursday night at SARC and you thought all the heat was outside! Step inside to see Austin’s hottest 3s basketball in town! Here’s a rundown of week 1 of the summer season:

Super Sloths got off to a great start to the season with a pair of wins with both games coming down to the wire. In their first game, they took on FMSP in a nice, tight game. FMSP kept it tight but Super Sloths came out on top with a 20-17 win. Next up, Super Sloths took on Shots! Shots! Shots! in another close one. They seemed to match each other shot for shot but, in the end, Super Sloths made a couple of key baskets to take the 20-16 win. Nice night Super Sloths!!

Shots! Shots! Shots! was still looking for their first win going up against FSU. The game was close for the first couple of possessions but FSU ran way with the 20-10 win. Tough night Shots! FSU stayed the course and took on FMSP in their second game of the night. They continued their strong offense and stingy defense to take the win at 20-13. Nice!

Haters gonna hate had a tough night, but it wasn’t because of lack of effort. They fought hard in their opener with CP3 and O who couldn’t be stopped. When the final whistle blew, it was CP3 and O on top 20-13.

Haters gonna hate met up with an old rival in The real Ultimate Warriors in the night’s final game. These 2 teams battled it out to the end with Pink hitting a game winning shot to take it 20-18! Awesome! Lots of friendly trash talking between these 2 teams that even carried over to happy hour at Toss Pizzeria after the game. Every single team showed up at Toss for buckets of cold Bud Lights and even a few shots. Outstanding! The expectations are high for next week but we’ll be there….will you!


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