It’s Hot Outside but Sizzlin’ inside SARC for Thursday Night ASSC 3s Basketball!!

Wherever you were last Thursday night, we bet it didn’t compare to what was going on at SARC for ASSC 3s basketball!! Let’s break it down and check the scores and action!


FSU had a rough night, unable to post a Dub-yah in the Win Column. They first took on CP3 and O and made a game of it early. Matching shot for shot for most of the game, they needed some key baskets late to keep pace. CP3 and O got hot with some nifty screens and outside shooting that proved to be the difference. Final score, FXU 15, CP3 and O 20. In their second game, FSU looked tired and winded, only able to post 9 points against Haters Gonna Hate’s 20. Ouch!


On the flip side, FMSP played 2 tough games and came out on top in both of them. They had their hands full with Poodles but managed a skinny 20-18 win. In their next game, The Real Ultimate Warriors also proved to be a worthy opponent with an awesome defense. In the end, however, FMSP held on for the 18-15 win. Nice!


Shots! Shots! Shots! needed more shots, shots, shots for any kind of win, win, win! They were only able to post 8 points against the always tough Haters Gonna Hate. They seemed to find their groove and made some nice 3s against CP3 and O but fell just short in the end, 17-20. Uh-oh!

In the night’s upset, the always tough Super Sloths couldn’t seem to get anything to work…..offense, defense, passing….you name it! They went up against The Real Ultimate Warriors, who only had 3 players show up for the entire night. They played hard and got hot early. In the surprising upset, they took down Super Sloths 20-6! Wow! Poodles were also able to take advantage of Super Sloths struggles and take a close one, 20-16. Tough night for the Sloths!

After the games, Toss Pizzeria was the place to be if you were wearing an ASSC jersey! Kickball and BBall players all showed up to throw back some brewskies and throw down some challenges for next week. We’ll see you then!!



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