It’s Tuesday……..It’s March……It’s Madness……It’s ASSC BBall!!

3s basketball at SARC is already in mid season form and every team is establishing their place in the ASSC Basketball Hierarchy! Who came out on top this week and who got stuck on the bottom rung…….let’s take a closer look:

WTF Are You Ewing? vs I Am Your Rebound  posted up an early game and probably the the best game of the night!! I Am Your Rebound proved why they are one of the top teams in the Tuesday night league. They were getting beat for most of the game but never gave up….. at one point they were down 18 to 14 before one of their ladies drained 2 deep 3 pointers to win the game 20 to 18! Awesome….and we’re just getting started!

Although they played hard again, WTF Are You Ewing had their hands full with Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. This was a great match up with some strong females and high flying dudes. Kevin Durant barely edged the purple squad 19-17 in another nail biter. YESSS!! With no time to rest, Kevin Durant got right back out on the court against TG Ballerz. For most of the game, it looked like TG Ballerz would win this one outright but Kevin Durant showed some life late in the game. They hit the winning basket with almost no time left to take the 18-17 squeaker!! With some tired legs and deflated egos, TG Ballerz took on I Am Your Rebound but couldn’t quite keep up. I Am Your Rebound took the 20-13 win.


Squirly Turtles notched both a W and a L for the evening at SARC. First, the good news……they beat Dream Team 20-13 but had a tough time against the shooting machines of Fashionably Late. The maroon team posted 20 to the Irish green team with 14. Ouch!

Shagadelic, Baby…..Austin Powers was in the house! They first took a beating from Fashionably Late managing only 11 points to their 20. Yikes! Someone must have thrown them a Frickin’ Bone because they came back strong against Dream Team. This was another barn burner with shots dropping from every corner of the court. It came down to the last few seconds and Austin Powers hit a swoosher to take the win……Yeah, Baby!

As the games ended, everyone headed over to our new, favorite watering hole……Toss Pizzeria! Players and family alike took in the cold brews and good times. What a great March night in Austin!!


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