John Wayne vs Kobe for some 3 x 3 Basketball……sort of!!

Thursday night at Pan Am was the site of the highly anticipated match up between True Grit and Kobe Wan Kenobi……and it did not disappoint! Here’s how it went down:

By far the best played game of the season with every team that played either hung around or showed up early to watch this game. True Grit came in with the best record to face the hungriest team in the field. The game went shot for shot early on looking like it was going to come down to the last couple of minutes to play. As good as True Grit had been all season, Kobe Wan Kenobi had their number on this night as they went on to win 20 to 16. Nice game!! Kobe Wan Kenobi wasn’t finished yet, however as they took out Dunkaroos 20-13 in their later game.

In other action, Squirly Turtles had a good night, first taking out Cap City Ballers 18-16 then rolling over LeBrontourage 20-8. Nice night Tortugas!! Cap City Ballers had a nice comeback win against Technically Fouled Out as they hit multiple 3s to take the easy win 18-6.

Blue Team had seen better nights on the hardwoods dropping both their games for the night. First The Coyotes laid into them 20-8 then they seemed to come to life a bit against Dirk N A Box to make it a close one. They had mounted a nice comeback but eventually ran out of time dropping a close one 14-15. Ouch!


It was good news….bad news for Fk Your Coach on this night. First, the good news…..they came out on top in their game against Dirk N A Box 20-12. The bad news……they lost a close one to the Coyotes 17-14. Nice close game though with a chick dropping a 3 at the buzzer that made the difference!

As always, Craftsman was a great host after it was all said and done on the courts. Lots of Bud Lights and highlights…..and lowlights discussed with plenty of challenges for next week thrown down too. See everybody again next time!

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