LeBron versus Steph? Well….more like the purple jerseys versus the green jerseys!

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What a difference a week makes! No lopsided wins, no runaways and no egg laying on this night! Every game was close (at some point, anyway) and all teams played tough leading up to playoff week! Here’s how it all played out at SARC on Tuesday night:

Cash Me Outside had an awesome night on the hardwoods coming away with a couple of tough wins. Right out of the gate they took on the always powerful Darkness in a close, close game that could have gone either way. There was a nice mix of layups, fadeaways and the always present 3s from both teams. Final score at the buzzer…..Cash Me Outside 20 to Darkness’ 18! What a game! I Get Buckets didn’t quite get enough buckets to take down Cash me Outside in their second game of the night. I Get Buckets started out fast taking the lead early but faded late and took the 13-20 loss when it was all over.

Super Sloths also had a strong night on the hardwoods with a couple of decisive wins to show for it. They were able to hold I Get Buckets to only 10 points in their first game but had their hands full with Darkness in their second. Darkness had just come off a hard fought game earlier but were still making baskets from all over the court. In the end, Super Sloths defense had a couple of key steals to take the 20-16 victory in another awesome game!

Half Court Hero had high hopes for the night but their shooting prowess didn’t quite match up with their dreams of a winning night. They posted 15 points against WTF Are You Ewing’s 20 and only managed 10 points against Looking for a Rebound’s 20. Tough night for HCH!
Offensive Fowl had an interesting night, to say the least! They first took on the always strong WTF Are You Ewing and hung close throughout most of the game. In the end, WTF proved to be too much with a timely chick basket beyond the arc to take the 20-17 win. Not to be deterred, Offensive Fowl was not to be denied against the defending champs, Looking for a Rebound. These 2 teams played hard as it was a tough fight to the end. This game went down to the final second with either team having the chance to win it. However, Offensive Fowl was able to hold tough as one of their guys drove through the lane to end the game with a tough lay up and take the 20-19 win! That’s what I’m talking about! YESSSS!

As always, the games highlights and lowlights were shared over a few cold brews at Toss Pizzeria after the games. With the playoffs on the horizon, the teams are starting to come together for what should be some epic match ups! Stay close and stay tuned….. it’s going to be awesome!


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