Love Springtime in Austin? …… Then You’ll Love Thursday Night Basketball at SARC!!

It’s turning green outside in Austin but inside SARC on Thursday nights…..you’ll see pink, blue, green, grey, purple and even some black! Let’s see what everyone was up to on Thursday:

In the battle of the green jersey’s, How Bow Dah took on CU Next Thursday in a close one. Both teams seemed to match each other basket for basket early in the game. CU Next Thursday had a timely chick basket to take the lead and hold on for the 19-16 win. Nice game!!

CU Next Thursday played hard in their second game, flying high with confidence from the first game. They made quick work of Barracudas with the 20-12 win. Searching for some baskets again in their second game, Barracudas went up against the powerful Cash me outside. They only managed 11 points to Cash me outside’s 20. Tough night for the Barracudas!

Meanwhile, Cash me outside continued their roll going up against How Bow Dah. In the end, they couldn’t keep up with the aggressive play of Cash me outside and took the 13-20 loss.

Speaking of powerful teams, Geeks N Sneaks were unstoppable on this evening! They first rolled over Humanity’s Last Hope 20-8 then did the same to Nothing But Nets with another 20-8 victory. Wow!

Nothing But Nets was having of tough go of their next opponent as well, taking on Cap City Ballers. They were able to manage 10 points at the end of the game but Cap City Ballers racked up 20 to take the easy win. Ouch!

Speaking of Cap City Ballers and 20 points……just ask Humanity’s Last Hope and they can tell you what it’s like to only post up 9 points against the powerhouse players of Cap City! Another ouch!

There were some close games and some not so close games but all can agree that Toss Pizzeria was the place to be after the games. It was packed with ASSC teams looking to swap stories…..lick their wounds…..and throw down challenges for next week. We will all be back again……will you?!


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