March Madness Right Here in Austin!!

What’s going on at SARC on Thursday nights? ASSC 3s Basketball!!! Here’s the rundown of all the action:

First up, what a great game between Nothing But Nets and C U Next Thursday. Both teams played hard all the way to the end. The best thing about this game was the sportsmanship between both teams. Even though they both wanted to win and they played their hearts out, they both did a good job at keeping the social aspect of the game a main priority. In the end, Nothing But Nets 16, with C U Next Thursday posting 20 for the win. 

Nothing But Nets looked to bounce back against Cash me outside. Although they put up a good fight and had the momentum in the final minutes, Cash me outside sealed the deal with a couple of timely baskets. 20-16.

Humanity’s Last Hope had a rough night notching 2 in the Loss column. Cash me outside was first up with some stellar outside shooting and tight defense. Humanity’s Last Hope did have a little hope in the end but couldn’t get the key points late. Final score: Humanity’s 13 and Cash me outside 20. C U Next Thursday was next up to take on Humanity. Different team……same result. C U Next Thursday took the Dub-Yah for their second win of the night.

How Bow Dah was on fire tonight! They first took down Geeks N Sneaks 20-13 with their chicks hitting some key 3s. They did the same to Cap City Ballers 20-13 but this game, the dudes were throwin’ down the 3s! Did someone say Groundhog Day?!

After the games on the hardwood, everyone jetted over to Toss Pizzeria for some ice cold Bud Lite, Ping Poing, Cornhole and Connect Four. The games were great…..the big screen March Madness was great…..the food was great…….the socializing was the best! Let’s do it all again next week!




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