The NBA season is under way…..and so is ASSC Basketball at Pan Am!


The Cavs, Warriors, Thunder and Lakers are suitin’ up for the season, but so are The Austin Wombats, Ball Beaters, Cap City Ballers and Dish Me the Rock! Let’s see how it all went down last week:

The Austin Wombats took on Under Armour in their early game and had trouble shaking off the cobwebs. Under Armour found their rhythm and took the victory at 20-4.

The Austin Wombats finally got it going in their later game against Practice!? Both teams matched up both offensively and defensively and went shot for shot for most of the game. The Wombats started to fade late and couldn’t keep up with Practice!? dropping their second game 20-14…..nice hustle though!

In the second game for Practice!? they took on the Ball Beaters in a close one. They matched basket for basket for most of the game. Late in the game they are both tied until The Ball Beaters dropped a couple of key baskets to take the win at 20-17. Nice game!

The Ball Beaters were hoping to keep the momentum going taking on Under Armour in their second game of the night. This game looked like Groundhog Day all over again. Matching shot for shot and tied late in the game. This time, however, Under Armour got the late basket to take the Dub-Ya at 20-18. Awesome game!

It was good news, bad news for Cap City Ballers on this night. Good news first…..they took out Team Has No Name in an impressive offensive showing taking the victory at 19-10. Now for the bad news, they lost a close one at the buzzer to Cartoon Physics by a single point…..14-15. Ouch!

It was “Double Groundhog Day” for Hoops4Harambe as they scored 20 to their opponent’s 16 in both games! Dish Me the Rock was their first victim in the early game where Hoops seemed to be just a step ahead the entire game. Their next victim was Cartoon Physics who also put up a good fight taking an early lead only to see Hoops chip away and take the lead and eventually the win. Great night Hoops!

And finally, A Team Has No Name seemed to make a name for themselves when they went up against Dish Me the Rock. Another close game early but No Name couldn’t seem to miss after taking a well-timed time out. They won it all going away at 20-9.

After all the final whistles blew, it was off to Happy Hour at Craftsman for a few tall ones. Tall tails and tall brews were thrown down along with challenges for next week’s match ups. Come join us and see what all the fuss is about!

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