This Is Not Your Grandfather’s 3 x 3 Basketball!!


Well, we are in week 4 of the 2017 Winter League 3 x 3 Basketball and things are starting to get very interesting. Teams are starting to gel…..offensive and defensive schemes are starting to make sense and….best of all…..baskets are starting to drop! Let’s get right to how the match ups played out on this beautiful Austin night:

It was blue against orange with Kevin Love Lockdown took on Space Jame 2 in the opening game. This game matched up shot for shot with some timely 2s and 3s when it mattered. In the end, Space Jam 2 pulled away and took the 20-16 victory to set the tone for the night.

B-Team All Stars took an early lead against I Can Be Your Rebound in another closely played game. The lead went back and forth between the teams before B-Team All Stars had a last minute shot beyond the arc to break the tie and get the victory 20-18. Great game!

Dream Team’s chicks are starting to find heir groove and make some timely baskets. Red Headed Steph Child was no pushover though, and gave Dream Team all they could handle. Fatigue started to show and Red Headed Steph Child came from behind to take the win at 20-15.

I Can Be Your Rebound was still smarting from their earlier loss and had something to prove against James Gives Me A Harden. They trampled the green jerseys and took the win decidedly 20-7! Ouch!!

B-Team All Stars looked to keep their earlier momentum going when they took on Dream Team over on Court 2. In another close game, B-Team All Stars had the last say in the closing seconds to take the Dub-Yah at 20-15.

Red Headed Steph Child had some strong moves to the basket for early points against Space Jam 2. Space Jam 2 came back with their girls on fire from behind the arc and with jumpers, their guys were doing well on the bounds too. Red headed Steph Child girls got them back in and gained the lead with back to back 3s. Red Headed Steph Child held Space Jam 2 off with some great defense and quick baskets to win the game 20-16.

James Gives Me A Harden played Kevin Love Lockdown in an epic battle for the last game of the night. Both teams were going hard. Kevin Love Lockdown went strong off the bat, hitting multiple 3s and some timely chick baskets, to take the lead. They were up 17-11 when James Gives Me A Harden came back. They hit two 3s in a row to make it a close one. But a chick from Kevin Love Lockdown made a jumper then one of the guys hit the game winning 2 to take the win 20-14. Nice game!

With the nice weather outside, players headed to Gordough’s to continue the night. Lots of the night’s highlights to relive and more to challenge for next week. Don’t miss out…..we will see you on Tuesday!!

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