A Round Ball in a Round Hole….Seems Pretty Simple!!

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With the season winding down on Tuesdays at SARC, every basket counted and every drop of sweat went toward those coveted seeding spots for the upcoming championship. Here’s how it all shook out with who’s on top and who’s er……not on top!

Half Court Hero gave a valiant effort in both their games on Tuesday night, but fell a bit short while looking to notch a Dub-yah in the win column. First up, they took on I Get Buckets in a highly contested battle. Both teams had some fantastic shooting and stingy defense in this battle for the win. They traded shots, back and forth throughout most of the game and the stage was set for a buzzer beater to win. I Get Buckets had the final possession and made the most of it with a down the lane layup that handed them the 20-19 win. Wow….what an awesome game! Next up, Half Court Hero took on Darkness in yet another close one. Each team dug deep to control the lane and Darkness wound up taking the last shot. Swoosh….basket counts…..Darkness 19, Half Court Hero 17! Yikes…..another awesome game!

Super Sloths had their hands full in their first game against WTF Are You Ewing. These are two of the most high-flying, board crashing teams in the league and neither was going to let up first. They literally traded shots back and forth for the entire game! Game was tied late with Super Sloths getting off the last shot but, alas, it circled the rim and trickled out……final score….16-16 tie! We hate ties!! In their second game, Super Sloths went up against Looking for a Rebound. They were gassed from their first game and couldn’t seem to find their rhythm on either offense or defense. In the end, It was Looking for a Rebound 20, Super Sloths 14.

Looking for a Rebound parlayed their earlier win into another impressive display against Cash Me Outside. They were making shots from everywhere and each player on the floor seemed to get in on the action. They took the Dub-yah at 20-13. Cash Me Outside might have been down but not out when they suited up for their second game of the night. These 2 teams have always played each other tough and they seem to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses by heart. Just as before, this one was anyone’s game! They were tied all throughout the game and became a battle of who would have the last possession. WTF Are You Ewing had the ball with seconds winding down but Cash Me Outside had a timely steal and breakaway with a chick taking the last shot…..winner, winner, chicken dinner. Cash Me Outside 20, WTF Are You Ewing 18. Great game!

As always, Toss Pizzeria was a great host for post game celebrations and throw downs for next week. Cold brews and hot pizza weren’t bad extras either! Join us next week and we can do it all over again!


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