SARC 3’s BBall Playoffs Next Week……All Out Throttle This Week!!

Did somebody say playoffs next week?! No wonder all 3’s basketball teams at SARC were kickin’ it up a notch on Tuesday night! If teams weren’t playing, they were certainly watching the rest of the action to see who they might face next week. ASSC even managed to live stream a game to the other teams already camped out at Toss Pizzeria… that’s the way to see if you’ve made the playoffs in style!!

It was either feast or famine with the games either a blowout or too close to call. Here’s how they all played out:

Game of the night ….. Fashionably Late played an intense battle with Austin Powers for a spot in the playoffs. Fashionably Late took an early lead with some 3’s by their women. But Austin Powers battled back and hit some jumpers and switched a guy on to the hot shooter (female). The game was tied 16-16 when Austin Powers woman hit a basket from a post up. Fashionably Late hit a quick jumper to make it 17-18. Then it grew more intense with Fashionably Late trying to win the game in one shot. They got one of their women open and she hit a fade away 3 to win it 20-18! Now that was a great game!!

Fashionably Late took their momentum right into their next game against Squirly Turtles in another close one. Just like the first game, this one too went down to who had the last couple of possessions. When the smoke cleared, Squirly Turtles fell just a bit short, taking the loss 16-20. They weren’t down for long, however making a nice, strong comeback to clobber Dream Team 20-7.

Dream Team was looking for a comeback of their own in their second game of the night. Although they matched shot for shot with Austin Powers early in the game, they couldn’t quite keep up and took their second loss of the night 15-20. Ouch!

TG Ballerz could feel Dream Team’s pain with a couple of heartbreaking losses for their efforts on this night also. They posted up 11 against Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR but their opponent scored 20 so…….pretty simple math! With such a full bench, they tried to work in more subs for their next game but I Am Your Rebound wasn’t having any of it and took the 20-10 game running away. Another ouch!

It was a good news…..bad news kind of night for WTF Are You Ewing. They were a little slow to find their rhythm in their first game against the always powerful I Am Your Rebound…..taking the loss 15-20. They did, however find their feet and a few more baskets in their next game and took the Dub-Yah 20-12 against Kevin Durant is a TRAITOR. Nice comeback!

Whew-weeeeee! What a night and we all got to cap it off at Toss Pizzeria with lots of hot food and cold brews. Gauntlets were thrown down for next week’s playoffs, so come join us again to see who will hoist the Championship Banner!

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