SARC Thursday Night BBall: New Season, New Teams, New Blood!!

Well, it’s springtime in Austin and there are some new 3 x 3 basketball teams blossoming at SARC on Thursday nights. Let’s see how some of these new teams and new faces are starting to bloom!!

Although the Hoopsters were hopeful they might be the team to beat this season, they might very well be the team to be looking for a single win before things get out of hand! Rim Jobs first posted 20 to their 13 then Hoops There It Is hung their first win with a 20-14 score. Tough going out of the gate for the Hoopsters!!

Bad News Ballers got off to a nice start for the evening with some nifty shooting and sticky defense to take their first win over Hoops There It Is 20-16. They quickly followed that up with another impressive win over CU Next Thursday 20-17. This could easily be one of the teams to watch for this upcoming season!

Speaking of teams to watch, RIP Charlie Murphy wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of this season’s favorites to hold the Championship Banner! They had some great offensive shooting throughout their first game but it was their defense in the end that held on to win 20-17 against the powerful CU Next Thursday. Next up, they faced Facebook Ballers and showed what it looks like for a team to gel right in front of your eyes! They made quick work of the game and strolled away with the 20-15 win. Impressive!

Facebook Ballers had a nice comeback game, however, against Rim Jobs in the last game of the night. This was a hard fought game with plenty of 2’s and 3’s from the female side of the roster. They held on for a close win at 20-18. Way to hang tough in the end!!

New and old players alike headed to Toss Pizzeria & Pub after the games and set the tone for the season. Gauntlets and challenges were thrown down over hot food and cold beers. Who will it be at the end of the season to hoist the Championship Banner…’s all up for grabs! See you there again next week!



Toss Pizzeria & Pub

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