SARC Tuesday Night: Flash Flood Warning Outside……Raining 3s Inside!

Tuesday was another great night of 3 x 3 basketball at SARC……plus it was nice to get out of the rain for a bit!! What an exciting night of basketball with almost every game going down to the wire. There were epic shots from beyond the arc by both chicks and dudes! Week 3 saw all teams improving from “weak” to week! Better shooting, better defenses, better stamina…..well, sort of! Here’s how it all played out from this week’s cagers:

Right out of the gate, I Can Be Your Rebound played Space Jam 2 in an awesome battle. Both teams were going hard in the paint for rebounds…….lotta skin left on that court!  I Can Be Your Rebound swung the momentum by hitting back to back threes. Space Jam 2 hustled and got the ball back then a couple of their girls hit some great jumpers to keep them in the game. Last couple of minutes of the game, I Can Be Your Rebound struggled to keep a tight grip on the lead. Space Jam 2 never gave up their hustle and ended up coming back for the big win,  20-17! Wow……what a close game!

Game of the night had to be James Gives Me Harden played Dream Team down to the wire. This game went back and forth with both teams being down at one point and fighting their way back to jump ahead by a point or two. All game was back and forth, trading baskets and takeaways with a few free throws thrown in here and there. This could literally be anybody’s game! Dream Team had final possession with the clock ticking down. 15 seconds…..10 seconds…..5 seconds…..they take the shot! It’s good news, back news. The shot doesn’t dropped but the shooter was fouled and will go to the line for 1 shot, with no time left on the clock. This could win it all! Shooter takes his stance……a few concentrated dribbles….looks to the rim…..arcs the ball toward the goal…..hits the rim…..circles slowly…..but falls out….no basket! Game ends in a tie!! Both teams couldn’t help but smile and congratulate each other on a game well played!

As always, Gordough’s was the place to relive the night’s highlights, tip a few back and throw down challenges for next week. If next week is anything like this week, we are in for some great games!

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