Shot Callers Called It…….Champions!



Wednesday night at WACC was WACC’d with the championship belt at stake!

Let’s break it down:


Pinkies Up! vs  Straight Shots
Pinkies Up came in as the underdog against Straight Shots but nobody seemed to have told the Pinkies….they were on fire tonight! The girls from Pinkies lit it up, hitting shots from all over the court and sealed the deal with a runaway win 20-10! What a game!


Pinkies Up! came into the finals a little winded against Shot Callers who brought some fresh legs into the final game. Shot Callers threw out a defensive plan to slow down Pinkies momentum and chipped away with some chick and dude baskets from all corners. Shot Callers took the lead and never looked back to take the title from Pinkies at 25-12.

Docs hosted another great night of brewskies and brevity and even saw an awesome display of good sportsmanship. Even though Shot Callers couldn’t make it, they donated their Docs gift card to the other teams. Cheers to you Shot Callers….champions all the way around!

Let’s do it again next week………





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