Spring Has Sprung and So Has Thursday Basketball at SARC!!

What’s hot, sweaty, loud and tons of fun? No…..not that…..Thursday night 3s basketball at SARC!! Let’s see how this new season is shaping up and what teams to look out for:

How Bow Dah and C U Next Thursday wasted no time in setting the competitive tone for the night! High scoring with great defenses already in top form was the name of this game. It was a squeaker and in the end, C U Next Thursday barely edged How Bow Dah 20-18! This is going to be a great season!!

Cash Me Outside looked to take How Bow Dah down a notch in the clash of Dr. Phil’s scrappy guests memes. Well, it wasn’t much of a fight with Cash Me Outside scoring 20 while How Bow Dah only managed 10 points.

Cash Me Outside wasn’t done for the night and was looking to hang up a Dub-yah on Barracudas. I guess Cash Me Outside left just a bit too early and took the 18-20 loss. Barracudas weren’t feeling it in their second game of the night, however. They fell 13-20 to C U Next Thursday and were done for the night.

Next up, Nothing But Nets managed to put up some points but not enough to claim a win in their first game of the season. It looked promising against Cap City Ballers where they lost a close one 19-20 to a great shooing team. Geeks N Sneaks was their next opponent who managed to put the pressure on early and often. They won decidedly 20-11 against the hapless Nothing But Nets. No worries….there is always next week!

Now let’s talk about Humanity’s Last Hope and their see-saw night to kick off the spring season. First the good news…..they put up a good fight against the hot shooters of Geeks N Sneaks but ran out of time in their comeback bid. They were down early but came back to tie it and then saw a last second shot fall in for 2 and wound up on the losing end of the 17-19 score. Dang it! Humanity’s Last Hope had one more shot at a win before the night was over. Not too sure how it happened but Cap City Ballers only allowed 2 points scored to their 20 when it was all said and done. Humanity’s Last Hope might not have scored many points but their scored lots of new fans who were rooting them on!

Speaking of hot, sweaty, loud and tons of fun…….after the games, everyone headed to Toss Pizzeria – PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!! Absolutely the best in town! Both officials and players couldn’t get enough and what a perfect atmosphere to reflect on the night’s action. Good friends, good laughs great pizza and cheap beer…..let’s do it all again next week!

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