Where Were You On Tuesday Night? We Were Jammin’ on the Hardwoods!!

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Did you hear what’s goin’ down on Tuesday nights at SARC? It’s some thrashin’, bashin’ and crashin’ some boards at ASSC’s 3 x 3 basketball! Let’s see who were the bruisers and who were the bruisees:

The always dangerous Cash Me Outside had an up and down kind of night. They first took on the mercurial Darkness team and came up on the short end of the stick. This game was close early on but Darkness hit some key baskets late to take the 20-14 win. Cash Me Outside finally found their rhythm against I Get Buckets and took the easy 20-13 win. Nice comeback!

Super Sloths had a nice night with a pair of dominating wins to start establishing themselves as one of the teams to beat this season. I Get Buckets was looking to avenge their first loss of the night but it wasn’t to be up against Super Sloths. The sloths took the 20-11 win easily without breaking much of a sweat. The same could be said for their second game of the night when they took on Darkness, who was just coming off an early win. Super Sloths took this one 20-11 for another powerful display of basket making!!

Half Court Hero had good news…..bad news for the night. In their first game, they rolled over WTF Are You Ewing with a quick 20-10 win but got stopped cold by the all powerful Looking for a Rebound. They managed to get off to a hot start and things looked promising but Looking for a Rebound had some chicks who could not miss! They pulled even early and hit some killer 3’s late to take the 20-16 win over Half Court Hero. Great game!

Speaking of split games, Offensive Fowl also experienced the thrill of victory followed by the agony of defeat! First up……they took on the defending champs, Looking for a Rebound and managed to match them shot for shot……for awhile. As always, the power, purple jersey’s strength is how they close out games and, ultimately their opponents! This game was no different as Offensive Fowl wound up on the short end of the 20-14 stick. Dammit!! But, the good news was they were able to rebound and put up a winning effort against WTF Are You Ewing and walk away with a 20-14 win. Nice comeback!

As always, everyone headed over to Toss Pizzeria after the game. Lots of socializing, sportsmanship and even some dabbin’ going around. See you all again next week!

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