Typically Happy Hour is AFTER the games but……Thursday at SARC…….?!

Geeks N Sneaks vs C U Next Thursday was the game of the night! Not because one team dominated the other or players were making fancy shots but more because these 2 teams came from the bar to play their game and it showed. It was the funniest game EVER!!!. One team did actually make it to 20 points, however with Geeks N Sneaks taking the win from C U Next Thursday. Awesome!

Geeks N Sneaks eventually hit their wall when they took on Cash me outside. They did manage 16 points but Cash me outside posted 20 to take the win. Cash me outside was on a roll and fought out their next tough win against Cap City Ballers 20-17. Nice night Cash!

Cap City Ballers didn’t stay down for long and caught their second wind against C U Next Thursday. This was a close game with a few lead changes before Cap City Ballers took the final lead and the win 20-17.

Nothing But Nets had an up and down night with a nice win in their first game then a loss to one of the more powerful teams in the Thursday night league. They easily handled Barracudas with a 20-14 win with lots of great shots beyond the arc and tight defense. The tables were turned, however, when they met up with How Bow Dah. This team can shoot as well as defend and Nothing But Nets could only put of 13 points to How Bow Dah’s 20.

How Bow Dah kept up their momentum when they took on Humanity’s Last Hope in their final game of the night. Different team…. same outcome. How Bow Dah hit 20 points as quick as a Toad Frog snatches up a fly! Humanity’s Last Hope lingered a bit and only managed to score 13 points against one of the night’s toughest teams.

With their final game of the night, Humanity’s Last Hope looked for redemption against Barracudas but couldn’t quite answer the bell. Barracudas scored at will…..early and often. Final tally…..20-14. Tough night Humanity!
Once again, Toss Pizzeria was the destination after the final baskets were tallied up. Plenty of Bud Lite and steaming hot pizza were consumed. What an awesome night for basketball, food, drink and camaraderie! We’ll be back next week…..will you?


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