There Was Some Weird Goins’ on at SARC 3 x 3’s last Thursday Night!

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There has probably never been such a mix of basketball blowouts and close games, including a tie, than we saw at SARC last Thursday night! Let’s try to make some sense of it:

RIP Charlie Murphy vs Bad News Ballers: This was a really entertaining game to watch as both teams played tough to try to pull out a win which ultimately ended in a tie.. Girls from both teams had a chance to win the game at the free throw line but couldn’t get it to drop….RIP Charlie Murphy played down for the majority of the game but fought back to end with a 19-19 tie…Great game on both sides of the ball!!

Never fear, however, both teams were able to come back with wins in their second games of the night. RIP Charlie Murphy took on Hoops There It Is and took home the 20-13 win. Bad News Ballers won a close one against Hoopsters 20-16. This game was close throughout, but some solid defense held off Hoopsters late attempt at a run and notched a Dub-Yah for the Ballers. Nice comeback wins!

Talk about up and down night…..Facebook Ballers went to the extreme….to say the least! They first took a world class beating from CU Next Thursday 3-20! This game was over before anyone broke a sweat! CU Next Thursday scored…..scored…..scored while Facebook Ballers watched. Double Yikes!! Just as odd as that was, they turned right around and almost did the same thing to Hoopsters with a 20-9 drubbing of their own! What’s going on around here! It’s either aliens or zombies or body snatchers…..something was bizarre! Oh well, it made for some interesting game watching!

Finally, Rim Jobs had their own turn at some crazy game play but unfortunately, they wound up on the losing side of both their games. The bad news….they lost 7-20 in their first game against CU Next Thursday. The good news (sort of) is that they only lost 12-20 in their second game of the night against Hoops There It Is. There is always something to be said for progress!!

Social highlight of the night would be the total number of people that showed up after the games at Toss Pizzeria from both ASSC basketball and kickball teams…not to mention all of the officials that came out too! We know how to celebrate whether we scored 20 points or……. just 3! Lots of cold beer and hot pizza! We can only imagine what next week will look like so make sure you don’t miss out on another crazy night at SARC for some ASSC 3 x 3 basketball!!

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