What’s Milk’s Favorite Cookie? Oreos!!

Sunday night 3 x 3 Basketball Championships at NWRC saw the reigning champs, Oreos, take on the always tough Go Harden the Paint. Even with a pretty sparse crowd looking on, both teams came to play. The Oreos had a title to defend and Go Harden the Paint had something to prove so…..”let’s get it on”…..as they say!

Both teams brought the passion and hustle to see how would take home the crown. It didn’t take long to see why these 2 teams had made it to the top…..both worked well together with lots of communication and some killer strategies right out of the gate. Team Oreos was like a well-oiled machine, connecting all of their quick passes and turning them into easy jump shots. They went on a fast 6-point run at the start of the game before Harden was able to put their first point on the board. If there was a ball that didn’t go in the hoop, Oreos was all over the rebound to set it all up again. With Oreos dropping lots of single-pointers, GHTP turned to their outside shooting strategy to try and keep it close. The Oreos lead proved to be too much for GHTP and took the banner going away at 20-9!

Even though James of Thrones didn’t make the playoffs, 2 players actually showed up and helped get a mean scrimmage game together before the final matchup. Now that’s true sportsmanship!

After the finals, everyone headed to Little Woodrows to toast another great season and congratulate one of our own, DJ, on his marriage just the day before! When asked what in the world was he doing playing ball when it was technically his honeymoon, he replied, “This is for the championship….you gotta make it to the championship!” Heard from his new wife, sitting in the stands, “No comment :-/”


Congratulations all the way around and let’s do it all again soon!


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