Who’s up for some Knockout, Bumpout, Bump, Lightning, Elimination and Putout?



Tuesday night at SARC…who’s down for some 3 x 3 basketball? We are!!! Let’s take a look at all the action:

Dream Team played I Can Be Your Rebound. Dream Team has shown a lot of improvement this season but was up against the top team in the league. Dream Team was scrappy and all over the place driving to the basket and crashing the boards. But I Can Be Your Rebound was unfazed. They were hitting shot after shot and didn’t stop. They took the night’s first win at 20-13. Nice opener!!

B-Team All Stars took on James Gives Me A Harden in a tough, defensive game. Baskets were hard to come by early but picked up late with both teams finding their rhythm. In the end, it was the B-Team All Stars out on top 20-13.

Space Jam 2 had a busy night first taking on Dream Team, who’s always a dangerous team. Though behind early, they came back to take the win at 20-11. Next up, against the still hurting James Gives Me A Harden, they held tough for another nail biting finish. They took the Dub-Yah at 20-18. Yikes!!

Red Headed Steph Child went up against Kevin Love Lockdown in what started out as a pretty even match up. Although they had a hot hand early, Kevin Love Lockdown went cold and Red Headed Steph Child took the win at 20-10.

Red Headed Steph Child had their hands full in their second game of the night. I Can Be Your Rebound is a force to be reckoned with and this one went down to the wire….literally. Teams tied at 18 with seconds counting down……I Can Be Your Rebound shoots and scores to take the exciting win 20-18. Great Game!!

Kevin Love Lockdown played B-TEAM All-stars down to the wire. B-TEAM All-stars started off strong making 3s early. The score got to 18-10 B-TEAM All-stars winning. Kevin Love Lockdown came back with lock down defense and crucial 3s by their girls. Then the girl on B-TEAM All-stars got the ball down low, took some strong dribbles then shot a fade away jumper barely looking at the basket and made it to win the game 20-19! Wow!!

After the last buzzer sounded, everyone headed over to Gourdough’s to share some brewskies, highlights and lowlights! Meet us again next week as we get to do it all over again!


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