Who Would Win it All for ASSC Tuesday Night Basketball at SARC?!

This is it…..for all the marbles….the title belt (er…banner) the crown…..the trophy…..well, maybe just the $50 drink card to Toss Pizzeria!

Let’s take a look at some of the preliminary games leading up to the big final. Remember, anyone can get to the finals ……you just can’t lose ANY games on this night!

Let’s address the bad news first, and in this case, it’s for team I Get Buckets. Although they fought hard, they weren’t able to win both their games tonight to get into the championship bracket. They were consistent though, by scoring 13 points in each of their games. The bad news is, their opponents each scored 20 points! Ouch! Offensive Fowl was their first opponent and WTF Are You Ewing took it to them in their second game. In both games, they played tough and managed to stay competitive up until the last few minutes. Tired legs got the better of them but we hope to see them again next season!

Half Court Hero had an interesting night notching both a Win and a Loss to their belt. In an exciting game against WTF Are You Ewing, the game was tied going into the final seconds. With a nice feed to a female down under, Half Court Hero pulled out the 20-18 win! Nice job! In their next game, they looked a bit winded and spent going up against the powerful Offensive Fowl team. They tried to hang, but just ran out of gas and took the 13-20 loss.

In the first semi-final game, the powerful Cash Me Outside went up against another powerhouse in Super Sloths. This was one tough game with lots of traffic in the paint and big time blocks from both sides. Although it was a low scoring game, the defenses had their hands full. In the end, Super Sloths edged Cash Me Outisde 13-12 for a place in the finals! Wow!

In the other half of the draw, more competitive action from 2 very competitive teams. Looking for a Rebound were last season’s champs and were looking to repeat, but Darkness came to play! They led early but Looking for a Rebound started to hit their stride and, once again, their chicks came to play! In the end, they were just too much for Darkness, taking the 20-16 win! Yes!!

This Championship game was as good as it gets! Super Sloths in their Carolina blue jerseys vs. the purple shirted Looking for a Rebound. This game truly could have gone either way with each team matching the other shot for shot. Time was winding down with the game tied. Looking for a Rebound sets it up and feeds it out to a female just beyond the arc…..she shoots……she scores! Winner, winner chicken dinner, Looking for a Rebound wins the game and this season’s championship! They get the title, their picture taken with the banner, bragging rights and extra $$ to spend at Toss Pizzeria after the game! What a great season…..again! Come join us next week as we get to do it all over again!



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