Anybody Order Up a Couple of Hambone for January? Yesss!

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On the menu for Wednesday night at Highland Lanes were 2 orders of Hambones! Very exciting indeed and this is how it all played out:

Before we get to the scores……Freeze Frame and Body by Bowling both had a team member get ….not 1….not 2….not even 3 but 4 strikes in a row….now that was pure, porcine awesomeness!

In their first game of the night, Turkey Baggers lost a close one, 656 – 695 thanks to a Hambone from Freeze Frames, but bounced back in another nail biter against Minds in the Gutter 577-554. Nice comeback Baggers of the Turkey!!

Minds in the Gutter had another shot at a win against Here 4 The Beer but fell a few pins short in the end 543-595. Here 4 The Beer tried to double down on Freeze Frames and it sure paid off! They took the lopsided win 724 to 607. Nice momentum going tonight for Here 4 The Beer!

Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter couldn’t seem to find their groove against Snakes on a lane falling well short in their first game of the night 479-636. Snakes tried to keep it going against Split Happens but couldn’t seem to pick up those spares when they counted most and took the loss 628 to 692.

Split Happens also tried to stay on their winning train for their second game of the night but Body by Bowling proved too much for them taking the Dub-Ya at 653 – 616. Body by Bowling was just getting warmed up when they met their final opponent of the night…Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter who was trying to shake off an earlier loss. This game started out fairly even with both teams tipping over about the same number of pins to keep it close. Body by Bowling served up the other Hambone of the night to win it going away 691 to 531. What an awesome display of pin crushing from Body by Bowling!!

Knowing they were in the midst of greatness, even the ASSC bowlers showed their support  to a neighboring bowler who rolled a 300….now that is perfection!
As always, all the teams were enjoying their time, cheering, drinking, and exchanging high fives. Just a typical night out with ASSC……plus, we get to do it all over again next week!

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