ASSC Bowling – No Gutter Livin’ Here!!



If you don’t love it for any other reason, you gotta love bowling for the team names alone! Here’s how the sophomoric, metaphoric misfits faired Monday night at Highland Lanes!

With each passing week, the teams are starting to gel and everyone seems to be finding their groove. Livin’ on a spare seems to have improved week after week and it showed in their dominance Monday night. Although it was close early, they took it to We Don’t Give a Split with a 996-894 win over the grey jerseys.

Livin’ on a spare tried to turn the tables on the powerful Arm Twisters and avenge their earlier loss. Another close match with some impressive spares and strikes from both sides of the scorers table. In the end, Arm Twisters pulled ahead and notched the victory 920 to 873! Nice game!

We Don’t Give a Split was riding high after their earlier win and wanted to show Bowl You Over who was the boss of the lanes. Just a few pins separated these 2 teams frame after frame. One slip up and the other could win it all! That came in the 9th frame with some errant rolls from We Don’t Give a Split and Bowl You Over took advantage. In the end, they won the close battle 956 to 912. Another tight game!

The final match of the evening proved to be the closest of the night! Both teams were bringing in Wins from earlier in the night and neither wanted to be the ones to cry “Uncle” first. On paper, Arm Twisters and Bowl You Over matched up almost perfectly player to player so it was a matter of who could execute best under pressure. Neither team disappointed and showed some awesome displays of competitiveness! Frame after frame, only a couple of pins separated the 2 teams….it was anybody’s game to win. As always, it came down to the last 2 frames! Arm Twisters needed 7 pins to win it all… score…..Bowl you Over 960 and Arm Twisters 967!! Wow!

Let’s all head back to Highland Lanes next week to see how we can possibly outdo tonight’s showing! It’s a date!!

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