Blue Balls….Thunder Balls…..Bowling Balls……We’re All In!!

What’s the best game in town…..where can you drink beer while you play….where can you wear blue jeans as your uniform……where the ball be any color you want …….where you all must wear the same kind of nerdy shoes……BOWLING!!!

Here’s how it all went down on Monday night at Highland Lanes:

Q1Media’s Blue Ballerz took on Gutter Train over on lanes 21 and 22 to get things started. What started out pretty even took a turn for the worst with Blue Ballerz failing to convert some key spares. They fell hard to Gutter Train 812-916 but managed a nice rebound against their own Three Finger Flingers 988-899 in their later game.

Q1Media’s Three Finger Flingers wasn’t so lucky in their rebound attempt when they took on ThunderBalz in their later match. This was a close game with each team matching each other frame for frame for almost the entire game. In the end, only 6 pins separated the winners from the non winners……ThunderBalz came out on top 908-902. Wow! With their momentum rolling, Thunderbalz won another close one, this time against E-Bowl-A. 893 for ThunderBalz and 872 for E-Bowl-A. Another nice game!

Glory Bowl tried to get on the board with their first game of the night but they couldn’t stack up against the high shooting E-Bowl-A taking the loss at 867-928. Glory Bowl was just getting started for the night and notched another win, scoring 933 against the 884 from Gutter Train.

Another awesome night at the lanes and the best part is we get to do it all again next week. See you then!!

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