Bottoms Up Bowlers!!

Time for another exciting season at Westgate Lanes with some new faces… groups…….new drinks! That’s how we do it in ASSC!

The King Pins and Pin Palz played one hell of a game that will be sure to ruin their respective handicaps from here on out……..maybe. But they went toe to toe as the King Pins prevailed thanks in large part to a Michael 191. Pin Palz were consistent from top to bottom and nearly took down Team Brenda but King Pins took the victory…..700-598!

King Pins had a nice comeback in their second game of the night. They tacked up 761 to Pairs Spares’ 575. Great showing!! Pairs Spares had a nice comeback of their own in a nail biter against Spare Me. In the end, Pairs Spares 591 and Spare Me 588.

Spare Me fought hard in their second game but fell short to Life In The Gutter 662 to 614, Nice game though! Life In The Gutter was on a roll as they went up against Clear eyes in their second game. They dominated with a 715 to Clear Eyes’ 465. Ouch!!

Bowling Stones had a back and forth kind of night. Their balls were hot against Turkey Club, taking the 548 to 503 win. Things went cold, however, in their next match up, taking on Crop Dusters. This was a close match early on with both tames picking up spares when they needed and a couple of strikes here and there. When the dust settled, it was Crop Dusters taking the 592-542 win. Nice!!

Crop Dust didn’t stay down long, taking on Splits N in their follow up match. Another lopsided victory that started out close with Crop Dust on top by 590-492. Split N couldn’t seem to find their groove…..or the pins for that matter! They fell again, this time to Nick of Time 530-472.

In the final game of the night Pin Palz went up against Nick of Time and they saved the best for last! Each frame went pin for pin with teams matching each other’s spares with spares and strikes with strikes!! In the end, Pin Palz barely edged Nick of Time 621 to 610! Awesome!!

Let’s do it all again next week!

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