Bowling….Booze…..Balls and Buffoonery! We have it all at Westgate Lanes!

Thursday night, these teams were throwing everything back……including some adult beverages! Beers, shots…..more beer and more shots…..and they hadn’t even thrown their first ball yet! Let’s see how it all played out on the west side!

King Pinz needed to pull out two wins tonight or else they would be play off ineligible. They were ranked 8th at the start of the night, but was able to pull out a win against Life in the Gutter 953 – 860 and against The Crop Dusters, 1011-920. Their wins tonight moved them to 3rd place in the standings and punched their ticket for the upcoming playoffs! Great way to start out the night!

Here’s a rundown of the rest of the night’s action:

High Rollers struggled to keep up with the mighty Pairs and Spares, taking the loss 856 to 995. With the momentum in their favor, Pairs and Spares went up against Life in the Gutter but couldn’t hang on to their early lead. They lost a close one 862 – 879.

In the nick of time fell hard in their early game against Spare Me with a 1005 to 956 defeat. They didn’t stay down long, however with a nice rebound against Turkey Club. They easily took their second game 1032-977! Another great showing!!

Speaking of Turkey Club, Splits N Giggles thought they had them beat cruising into the last couple of frames with the lead. Turkey Club picked up the needed spare and strike to take the surprising win 968-946. Great clutch rolls late!

Splits and Giggles had another shot at a victory, however, when they took on Pin Pals in their second game. Splits N Giggles couldn’t seem to stay out of the gutter only able to post up 836 to Pin Pals’ impressive 974. Better luck next time!

Pin Pals was on a roll and needed every drop of the pins up against the powerhouse The Crop Dusters team. This was a close one all the way through! Both teams seemed to go pin for pin…..frame after frame! After the last pin dropped, it was Pin Pals on top with a 916-902 win. Nice!

In the final match up of the night, Clear Eyes. Full Beers. Can’t Lose. went up against Spare Me to close out the night. Spare Me had an impressive victory earlier in the night and hoped to make quick work of Clear Eyes. Their earlier momentum worked in their favor again notching another win 952-907. Another great win!

Look for us again at Westgate Lanes next week….we will be the ones with all the balls and buffoonery!

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