Bowling – Where You Can Get 3 Strikes and You’re Not Out!

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The best part of bowling at Highland Lanes on Monday nights? You get to sit down a lot and drink a lot!

In the first game of the night, We Don’t Give a Split took on Livin’ On a Spare.This game was neck and neck the whole time despite AT livin’ on a spare having an advantage going in. We Don’t Give a Split had the best game of the their season with 4 of their players bowling over their average. While Livin’ On a Spare struggled a bit with 3 of their players bowling under their average. Although it was close in the beginning, Livin’ On a Spare pulled away to take the win 964-932.

Meanwhile, over on lane 2, Arm Twisters went up against We Don’t Give a Split in their sport grey jerseys. Both teams were a little slow out of the gate but everyone seemed to find their groove after a couple of frames. Frame after frame, more and more pins were falling with some impressive strikes and picked up spares for both teams. It was anyone’s match up until the last 2 frames. Timely strikes was the difference as We Don’t Give a Split took the Dub-Ya 941 to Arm Twisters’ 926. Nice bowling!

Our newest indie team, Bowl You Over definitely had the most fun on this night. They all carpooled and after a quick stop at Sherlock’s before the match, they were ready for the fun to continue…..if you know what I mean! After a few gutter balls in their first game, they settled down and even had an exciting strike in the 8th frame that brought down the house! Meanwhile, Livin’ On a Spare had a mission… have an incredible game and throw strike after strike……and they did just that with a whopping total score of 1144! No other sport on the planet would have a total score anywhere near 1144……crazy!!

Wow….what a great night for fun, laughter and sportsmanship! As they say, that’s how we roll at ASSC……we will see you all again next week!

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