Bowling: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!!


Where on Monday nights can you get 3 strikes and not be out? Highland Lanes….that’s where!!

ASSC is known for it’s socializing but our bowling leagues take it to a new level! There’s no shoving or pushing….no arguing with the ref… crying……no complaining……just pure fun with some crazy looking shoes! Here’s how it all lined up at the lanes on Monday night:

For game one, Bowl You Over did just that against We Don’t Give a Split with a score of 997 to 740. Bowl You Over took the early lead after picking up a couple of quick spares to set the tone. We Don’t Give a Split narrowed the gap late but didn’t quite have enough up their sleeve to take the win.

In the next match up, Livin’ on a Spare was livin’ alright! Although Arm Twisters took a commanding lead, they couldn’t buy any pins late and saw the gap starting to close. Livin’ on a Spare kept up the pressure and passed Arm Twisters late to take the commanding win 914-819. Nice comeback!

Still smarting from their earlier loss, Arm Twisters came out strong with a statement to make against We Don’t Give a Split. With more determination, focus and a few well timed strikes, Arm Twisters dominated this match up 883-747 for the Dub-Ya! Nice comeback!

Although Bowl You Over was quite entertaining, their bowling skills were clearly outmatched by Livin’ on a Spare. There is no other sport where you can score 954 points and NOT win the game! Only in bowling!! Livin’ on a Spare was knocking down everything in sight! Can you say multiple spares and strikes?! They couldn’t be beat on this night taking another convincing win with a 1016 over Bowl You Over’s 954! That is domination!

Playing your games at a bowling alley, it’s a given that drinks will flow and challenges will be dropped. Tonight was no exception with lots of friendly banter between lanes and enough bragging rights for everyone to share! Football can’t last forever so why not come out and join us next week…..we guarantee a great time!

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