How Can There Be Strikes Without a Bat and a Plate?! It’s Bowling….that’s how!!

Riddle me this Batman: We are a family. We live in an alley on oily ground. We all look exactly the same, and when we get hurt we get pushed out of the way and replaced. We fear the almighty sphere of death.  What are we…..? If you miss this one…….stop reading this and go back to whatever you were doing!!

Seriously, let’s check out what went down at Highland Lanes on Wednesday night….a few drinks….a few shoe rentals….a few balls polished…..a few more drinks……okay, now for the bowling part:

First up, Bowl You Over went up against No Spareway to get things started. Although not a high scoring game between the two teams, they seemed to match up, pin for pin after each frame. No Spareway took a slight edge going into the final frames but Bowl You Over scored some timely strikes and came from behind to take the win 896-858. Well done!!
Big Balls in Bowltown got off to a strong start against Pinning Ain’t Easy but hit a wall……er some gutters…..midway through. Pinning Ain’t Easy stayed consistent and picked up 2 straight spares in the closing frames to come out on top 873-844. Nice playing!!
With both teams warmed up after their first games, No Spareway and Pinning Ain’t Easy went at it for their second games of the night. Pinning Ain’t Easy was trying to ride the winning momentum from their first game and No Spareway was looking to avenge an earlier loss. Early on, it looked like No Spareway was going to run away with this one in quick order. They had a huge lead with just a few frames to go. Pinning Ain’t Easy came up with a 4 strike turkey to close the gap but it was too little, too late. Nice try though and a great game!!
In the final match up of the night, Bowl You Over was going for their second victory while Big Balls in Bowltown was looking for their first Dub-Yah. These two teams went at it, pin for pin so it was anybody’s game to take. Once again, it came down to the last couple of frames. It was Big Balls in Bowltown who held on with some key pick ups to take the victory lap at 956-905. Awesome!

Don’t forget to join us again next week…..and don’t forget to pack your shoes!

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