Is This a Picket Line or Something…..With All The Strikers Going Around?!

It’s the ASSC Wednesday night bowling league at Highland Lanes and strikes were flying like saucers at a UFO Convention!! Let’s take a look at who was hot and who was not!

First up, No Spareway went up against Bowl You Over. No Spareway was slow out of the gate and couldn’t seem to catch a break (or many strikes) as Bowl You Over went hard and strong the entire game. When the dust settled, they posted up 998 to No Spareway’s 887. Tough loss on this one!

Pinning Ain’t Easy had an interesting night going up against 2 powerhouse teams looking to throttle someone. Big Balls in Bowltown was their first competition and they dominated by pinning 965 on the gold team. Lots of spares picked up and throw in a strike or 2 and it was all over but the cryin’! No Spareway also had their way with Pinning Ain’t Easy by hanging an impressive 946 on the hapless Pinning Ain’t Easy. Better luck next week!

In the final game of the night…..we saved the best for last! Big Balls in Bowltown took on Bowl You Over where more pins were crushed than the entire night on all the other lanes! Turkeys and Hambones were definitely the fare for the night!

Blair Newman of team Bowl You Over managed to bowl 4 strikes in a row in her second game! She got tons of high fives for that action. Fellow teammate David Erminger also got in on the strike action and bowled 3 strikes in a row. But wait! There’s more! Bret Britton also bowled 4 strikes in a row…all in the same game! Bunch of strikers they were on this night! Bowl You Over whoooooooooped Big Balls In Town, 1056 to 880. When you’re hot…’re hot!!

It might have been cold outside but it was burning up inside the lanes at Highland. Join us again next week as we reset the table for another exciting feast at the lanes!

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