Royal Blue, Purple, Maroon, Orange…..Bowling Ball Colors or Jersey Colors?


Balls and pins were flying Monday night at Highland Lanes….let’s see if they actually hit anything!

First up was the royal blue team of Q1Media’s Blue Ballerz taking on the maroon team of Gutter Train. Not many gutter balls on this train as they rolled over Blue Ballerz 988-874 to get things started.

Next up, the orange jersy’d team of Glory Bowl went up against E-Bowl-A in their purple T’s. This was a close match with each team matching pin for pin right up until the last 2 frames. Glory Bowl had the last word and pulled out a nice win with an 868 to E-Bowl-A’s 843. Great game with lots of cheering from both sides of the lane!

In another close one, ThunderBalz in their black T’s took on Q1Media’s Three Finger Flingers. Q1Media held a slight lead throughout and then pulled away with a few extra pins late to take the 956-927 victory. ThunderBalz wasn’t held down long as they went up against Gutter Train for redemption. They had the lead throughout and never looked back to put a spanking on Gutter Train 992-859. Wow!

E-Bowl-A was also looking to notch their first victory of the night when they played Q1Media’s Three Finger Flingers. Although it was close early, E-Bowl-A pulled away with some clutch spares and strikes to take the Dub-Yah at 930-867. Nice comeback!

In what proved to be the game of the night, Q1Media’s Blue Ballerz went up against rival Glory Bowl in an epic nail biter! Blue Ballerz had the early lead and stayed consistent from frame to frame. Meanwhile, on the orange team, Nate was pouring in strike after strike to keep things close. Final frame…..Glory Bowl needs a strike to barely notch the win……ball is thrown…..pins are struck….8 go down….9 go down…..10 go down! Yessssss! What a game….what a victory 936-934.

This is why we love Highland Lanes on Monday nights!! Come back next week and we can do it all over again!


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