What Sport Other Than Tennis Has a Foot Fault? Bowling!!


Yes, it’s true……you can bowl the most perfect ball and it could all be wiped out by your big toe falling just beyond the scratch line…..drat!!!

Did we mention these bowlers know how to drink?! Most of them know how to drink better than they know how to bowl…..but’s that’s beside the point!! One of the new, favorite side games going on Wednesdays is the “beer frames.” Some made it shot frames, some used “drinking / timeout spaces” that the beer frame loser would have to go to in order to finish their drink. They got sent to their own Guantanamo Bay to finish their respective drinks. Only in bowling!!!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how things rolled out on Wednesday night at Highland Lanes:

In game 1, Pinning Aint Easy went up against the purple jersy’d Bowl You Over. This match started out pretty evenly matched and both sides picked up timely spares and strikes when they needed them. In the end, however, Pinning Ain’t Easy got a couple of breaks and never looked back. They got the victory 1080 to 874. Nice win! In their second game of the night, they showed no mercy when taking on Big Balls in Bowltown. Again, in the beginning it looked like a close match up but Pinning Ain’t Easy struck down the pins like flies from a flyswatter. 1099 to 847 sent Big Balls packing!

In the later match up, Big Balls in Bowltown took on No Spareway in an exciting game in the lanes. These 2 teams went frame for frame, each just barely edging the other all the way until the 10th frame. Big Balls pulled it out with an exciting 873 to 856 win! Awesome!!

In the final face off of the night, No Spareway took on Bowl You Over to see who could notch the big Dub-Yah. Bowl You Over took the early lead and looked like they would come away the victor. No Spareway had other ideas and mounted a nice come from behind victory topping Bowl You Over 949-910!

Great night at the lanes so come join us again next week!


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