What’s Round With 3 Holes In It But Can Still Travel up to 20 MPH? An ASSC Bowling Ball!!

For every 10 trips down the lane, there were 3 trips to the bar!! That’s why we love our Wednesday ASSC Bowling Leagues at Highland Lanes!! This isn’t your grandfather’s bowling league……this is ultimate bowling where anything goes. Turkeys…..Hambones…..Brats……Bratburgers……we’ve got it all!

The night was filled with high fives going around and a few inter team banter when picking up a difficult spare or getting their first strike of the night. The night was set for some great games to come! Early on Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter bowled a Turkey in the 10th frame so we knew it was going to be an exciting night! In the final score, they edged out Split Happens 933 to 834 for the win! In their second game, Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter took the win over Here 4 The Beer 1051-971.

Turkey Baggers had a great second game with 2 people bowling a 161 and 165 but it wasn’t enough to beat Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter 894-1021. Great night of bowling Can’t Believe it’s not Gutter!!

Freeze Frames and Body By Bowling were very close all the way until the last frame, when Freeze Frames took the Win by only a few pins 840-823 for another close victory. They kept that momentum going in their next match up taking the big Dub-Ya from Snakes on a lane 929 to 864. Nice night Freeze Frames!

Here 4 The Beer took it to Split Happens with a whopping 1020 to 847 final total. This game had some great saves in picking up some timely spares when it counted. Now that’s some good bowling!!

Tonight’s vibe was friendly yet competitive. Some challenges from last week were matched up and that led to lots of friendly banter from lane to lane. Loud, raucous, competitive and supportive…..just a few words to describe what ASSC Bowling is all about. Come check us out next week!!

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