Balls, Balls Everywhere……Dodgeballs that is!

Court 2 at Northwest Rec Center saw all the great action last night!  The first round between Ballcoholics and Balls? Balls. was the most impressive game of the night.  Ballcoholics started off strong going 3-0 but the Balls came back with some momentum of their own tying it up at 3-3.

If it had been a regular season game the always jazzed Ballcoholics would have taken home the win since they stole the 7th round with ease.  But Balls had other ideas, grabbing the final 2 rounds and the 5-4 win heading into the semifinals.

Balls faced the talented Steve team for a semifinal showdown. Steve proved to be their usual tough and strategic team taking the match 5-1 heading into the finals. Great showing Balls……er…….great game for the Balls? Balls. team :-/


In the other Semi final match, Gotta catch em’ all faced The Untouchable Untouchaballs and couldn’t seem to get on the board before falling 0-5. The Untouchaballs were on their way for another finals showdown with Steve……..this is how we play tournament dodgeball!!

Naturally, the final game was quite the matchup for both teams since they have matched up pretty evenly in their previous face offs. With a recent loss to the Untouchaballs, Steve came out firing on all cylinders looking to take back the number one spot.

Their balls were on fire……taking out Untouchaballs one at a time… after game. They finally had their revenge and took the title at 5-2! What a rematch!!

Consolation action saw Snoop Dodgey Dodge and Happy Hour Specials in one hell of a battle to at least have a spot on the podium.  Literally each team taking one round at a time.  In the end Happy Hour Specials took the consolation win 5-4 along with all the bragging rights for not being shut completely out. Whew……another awesome night of dodging balls….can’t wait for next week!

We love ourselves some Little Woodrows after the games for Happy Hour. Lots of cold brewsky specials……tall tales…….sportsmanship and camaraderie to go around. We will see you all again next week……most def!!




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