Can You Dodge a Giant Red Ball?? Are You Sure??


If you think you can dodge a ball, show up at Northwest Rec Center on Wednesday’s to find out! In the meantime, here’s how these teams managed to dodge a few of their own!

The Untouchaballs pretended to be Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day” doing the same thing over and over! Good news, though….they won both their games by 4-0! First they took out Aiming For The Fat Ones then they blanked LX stands for Luxury by the same score! Now that’s a score worth repeating!

LX Stands for Luxury and Aiming For The Fat Ones couldn’t seem to catch a break all night falling by the exact same score in their next 2 games! 18 Wheelers took them both out by 4-0! What’s going on around here?!

Well, let’s try this again……but backwards….sort of! You Can Dodge a Wrench You Can Dodge a Ball lost both their games by a score of 2-4. They fell to Gotta Catch Em All and Ballcoholics by the same score! Is it another Super Moon…or something!

The Blue Ballers came up short in both their games as well…first falling behind Purple Cobras 1-4 then Dodgy Style 3-4.

In other action, Stove Porlow split games, first winning 4-0 against Dodgy Style then coming up short 2-4 against Purple Cobras.

So let’s wrap it up by talking about those Man-Eating Squirrels, shall we? They sucked in their first game not scoring a single hit losing to Ballcoholics 0-4. Then they quickly turned things around in their matchup against the favorite, Gotta Catch Em All. They defied the odds and took the upset 4-3 to earn bragging rights… least for another week! Well done Squirrels!

Little Woodrow’s Burnet was the place to be after it was all said and done! With a few red welts to compare and victories to savor, everyone tipped a few back in the best Happy Hour in Austin……ASSC style!

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